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Whatever your shape or size, it is essential to have a proper fitting bra to ensure maximum comfort and support. Offering different bra styles in high quality fabrics ensures our customers will leave feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful.

So excited about this revolutionary new front fastening bra by Anita Meggie features unique magnet in the front making this bra virtually hands free fastening. Designed for ladies who find conventional bra hook and eye fastening difficult through lack of mobility. A prefect bra for arthritis suffers or customers with shoulder problems, pre-op- this bra will transform the dressing process for lots of women.

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Practicality now has an elegant appearance! The front fastening bra MEGGIE has an innovative new magnetic closure which makes dressing and undressing as easy as never before. The fastener consists of four magnets and one hook in the bottom section. After closing the hook, the magnets easily find each other by gently moving your upper arms together. A bra with easy handling yet ensuring a radiant and feminine appearance thanks to semi transparent voile inserts.

Great for those who have arthritis, rheumatism or have a restricted upper arm movement due to surgery.